Organize a Read-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Bible Read-a-thon or Bike-a-thon

These are excellent group fundraisers and can bring in a lot of money without a lot of money being spent up front. It just takes time, effort and organization.

Bible Read-a-thon: The youth group locks themselves in the church for 24 hours and reads the Bible (everyone reading different books at the same time) and they get sponsors to pay them per book that the youth group reads. You should be able to finish the entire Bible (66 books) so if a person pledges $.50 per book, that is $33.

(email if you want sample forms)

Walk-a-thon or Bike-a-thon: Once again, this will take a group of people committed to walking around a track or biking a certain route. It would take someone to organize the event and the youth would have to be assertive in getting the sponsors.

One final thought on this – if you do not have a group to do a “thon” with, try creating your own read-a-thon and ask for people who care about you in your life to sponsor you for every book you read within a certain amount of time. You might be surprised what people will donate when they know you’re putting in some effort and sacrifice.

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