Write Letters to Friends & Family Asking them to Sponsor You for 1 Day

When you write your letter, you will want to personalize and write it from your heart. Include a stamped return envelope. Here's a sample letter for you to personalize:


I have the opportunity to go to a really great one-week residential camp this July in Pine Valley, CA called SEP So Cal. I would really love to go! We get to do archery, go hiking, swim and do a lot of exciting outdoor activities. But what is really important is that everyday we have chapel services where we learn more about God and the counselors help us to study the Bible and improve our prayer life. When I went to camp last year I came away closer to God than I have ever been before. I know that camp makes me a better person. I also made some really great friends there that I would love to see again.

If you want to read more about the SEP So Cal, the camp that I want to go to, you can look at the website at www.sepsocal.org.

The tuition is only $555 for the entire week. That is $82 each day to cover my food, lodging, activities and camp T-shirt.

If you could sponsor me for a day of camp or even a half day, I would be so grateful!! I've included a return envelope if you want to use it.

___ Yes, I can sponsor you $41 for a half-day of camp

___ Yes, I can sponsor you $82 for a full-day of camp

___ Yes, I can sponsor you ____ for ____ days of camp ($82/day)

___ I am not able to sponsor you financially at this time but I will commit to praying for you!

You can make checks out to SEP So Cal or to me or you can pay online at sepsocal.org -- just be sure to mention the payment is for me!

My final payment is due June 1st (must be postmarked by midnight).

Thank you for always being there for me!

In Love & Appreciation,

[Your Name]

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Mark and Anne Stapleton 

SEP So Cal Camp Directors


Camp Location:  

Pine Valley

Bible Conference Center,    

8668 Pine Creek Rd.,    

Pine Valley, CA 91962

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SEP So Cal stands for Spirital Enrichment Program of Southern California.  SEP So Cal is an amazing one-week life-changing Christian youth camp held every July for youth ages 8-17 in Pine Valley, CA (one hour east of San Diego, CA).  

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