Recycle Cans & Bottles

July 4, 2019

  • Ask friends, neighbors & co-workers to help you collect recyclables

  • Go door-to-door and tell them you’re raising money to go to camp by collecting recycling.  Sometimes they will give you large amounts of recycling from the bin they were going to put on the street. This is especially good during April – Earth Month – you can say “Help save the planet and send kids to camp!” (Hint: Ask for ink jet cartridges and used cell phones as well – see idea below)

  • Put out a bin and mark it as recycling at any family gatherings, church activities or even at the workplace.

  • Follow-up behind large events (concerts in the park, graduations, birthday parties, etc.) and pick up the cans & bottles.

  • Turn the cans and bottles in at local sites that pay for recycling.












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