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What kind of camp is SEP So Cal?


SEP So Cal stands for Spiritual Enrichment Program of Southern California. SEP So Cal is an amazing one-week life-changing residential Christian youth camp, held every July, for youth, ages 8-17 in Pine Valley, CA (one hour east of San Diego, CA).


What ages does SEP So Cal serve?


SEP So Cal hosts 2 camps simultaneously:  JR Camp for ages 8-12 and SR Camp for ages 12-17.


JUNIOR CAMP --> age 8-12

SENIOR CAMP --> age 12-17

Both Junior & Senior camps run at the same facility at the same time.

(12 year olds are given the option to register for either camp.)
(18 year olds have the option to apply for the SEP CREW Leadership Training Program or apply to be volunteer staff.)

What is a typical day like in JR Camp?




7:30-8:25 Breakfast

8:25-9:40 JR Camp Worship & Chapel

10:00-11:00 Activity #1*

11:15-12:15 Activity #2*

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:45-2:45 Activity #3*

3:00-4:00 Activity #4*

4:15-5:15 Activity #5*

5:30-6:30 Dinner

7:00-8:15 Evening Activity**

8:30-9:30 Dorm mtg / Get ready for bed

9:30 JR Camp Lights Out



*JR Camp Daytime Activities (5 of the following each day):  9 Square in the Air, Aero Ball, Archery, Basketball (boys), Creative Arts, Human Fooseball, Giant Soccer, Swimming, Teambuilding, Tire Swing, GaGa Ball, Horse Program, Water Slide and more!

**JR Camp Evening Activities:  All Camp Praise & Worship; JR Camp Inflatables; All Camp Variety Show; Structured Playground Time.

What is a typical day like in SR Camp?




7:30-8:25 Breakfast

8:25-9:40 SR Camp Worship & Chapel

10:00-12:15 SR Tracks

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:45-2:45 Activity #1*

3:00-4:00 Activity #2*

4:15-5:15 Activity #3*

5:30-6:30 Dinner

7:00-8:15 Evening Activity #1**

8:30-9:30 Evening Activity #2**
9:30-11:00 Dorm mtg / Get ready for bed

11:00 SR Camp Lights Out


*SR Camp Daytime Activities: 9 Square in the Air, Archery, Basketball/Volleyball, Partner Dance, Swimming, Water Slide 


SR Camp Workshops:  Audio/Sound, Counselor-in-Training, Dance Ministry, Finances, Public Speaking, Worship Ministry 

**SR Evening Activities:  All Camp Praise & Worship, Guy Worship Night, Girl Worship Night, Purity Session, Camp Dance, All Camp Variety Show, Track Showcase. 


What are your health, medical and emergency protocols?
  • SEP So Cal Youth Camp's health protocol starts even before camp begins. The first step is obtaining medical/health & insurance info from the parents as well as permission to transport the camper to the hospital if necessary. Here is the wording which is on our camper registration form:

EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE: If my child needs immediate medical attention and SEP So. Cal. is unable to contact myself, another guardian or the one of the listed emergency contacts through reasonable effort, I give my consent for SEP So. Cal. to provide all emergency medical care deemed necessary by an official of the camp in consultation with any physician or hospital without obtaining further consent. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing or insurance purposes.


  • If there is a medical emergency with one of the campers, the nurses, camp directors & parents work together quickly to determine the best course of action - which may or may not include transportation to the hospital.  If it is a life threatening emergency, we would call 911.

  • We have 2 full-time certified nurses on staff at the camp and several assistants who help run the camp nurses station.

  • The next step is to do a health screening when the camper arrives at camp. This includes taking the child's temperature & blood pressure, checking for lice and turning in any medications or vitamins.




  • Registration is done online and payments can be done either online or by check.

  • Once we receive your registration, $100 deposit, camper photo and camper insurance card (if applicable), your space will be reserved until you make your final payment which is due June 1.

  • NOTE: 

    • If you are registering today, your deposit is due today and your full payment is due by June 1.

    • The $100 deposit is non-refundable and there are no refunds after June 1st.  

What is your cancellation policy?


  • Cancellations must be made before June 1, 2020

  • There is a $100 non-refundable fee

  • No refunds will be given after June 1, 2020 unless approved by Camp Directors



Who are your staff? 



All SEP So Cal staff are volunteers with a servant leader attitude. We don't pay any of our staff and therefore we don't have any "minimum-wage" attitudes. Everyone has sacrificed (vacation time, money, etc.) to be there and are 100% committed.



We run a background check on every staff member and require a positive pastoral and personal recommendation in order to be accepted.


Trained:  We then do very thorough staff training which includes our emergency protocols and our "Never Alone" policies for adults and minors (no adult is to be alone with 1 or more minors out of public view).


Staff who run the facility: We rent the Pine Valley Bible Conference Center (PVBCC) facility for one week to hold SEP So Cal. PVBCC has around 20 trained staff that live on campus and who provide security and support to our group when we are on their property.​


How many campers & staff do you accept?


SEP So Cal ideally accepts between 160-172 campers for their one-week camp.

(36-48 JR Campers & 112-120 SR Campers)

SEP So Cal typically has between 90-100 volunteer staff serving at their one-week camp.


Should my child bring cash with them to camp? If so, how much?


Campers do not have to bring cash to camp, but here are some things that they might want to bring money for:

  • We collect an offering to help SEP Camps in developing countries. We usually collect it during the first couple days of camp.

  • The facility we rent from has a Camp Store that is open for a few hours each day. They sell soda, candy, snacks & gifts.


What if my child gets homesick?


It is natural for children to miss their family and the comforts of home. But in our experience, camp is so much fun and it is jammed packed with so many great activities that the opposite problem usually occurs – children forget to call home and in many cases would like to stay at camp forever. Our counseling staff is trained to deal with the issue of homesickness. In the younger children’s dorms we usually have counselors and/or dorm parents who are moms and dads and are able to encourage the homesick youth in a special way. Of course if both the child and parent agree that the child should leave camp early the parents are able to come pick him or her up. However, we usually recommend that the parent encourage the camper to stay for at least half way through the camp before making up their mind.


What do you do when a child wets the bed?


It is fairly common that youth up to age 9 or 10 will still wet the bed on occasion. And in some cases it occurs with teens. While it is no big deal to the staff, we realize that it can be a very embarrassing occurrence for the youth. If your child occasionally wets the bed, we recommend that you let us know confidentially and that you send some night underwear (pull-ups) with your child to prevent an embarassing accident. Our dorms all have private bathrooms so they can change before bedtime discreetly. Our counselors are instructed on what to do with a wet bed. Most of the time this is a situation that the Dorm Parent can handle while all of the campers are out of the dorm. We do not allow the campers, under any circumstances, to make fun of another camper because of this situation, should they find out.
Please let us know on the Camper Registration form, or via email or phone, if your camper struggles with wetting the bed. This way the counselor can be aware of the need for this child to discreetly get ready for bed (and perhaps not fill him or her up with drinks late at night).

Mark and Anne Stapleton 

SEP So Cal Camp Directors

Camp Location:  

Pine Valley

Bible Conference Center,    

8668 Pine Creek Rd.,    

Pine Valley, CA 91962

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SEP So Cal stands for Spirital Enrichment Program of Southern California.  SEP So Cal is an amazing one-week life-changing Christian youth camp held every July for youth ages 8-17 in Pine Valley, CA (one hour east of San Diego, CA).  

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