Dorm Parent Department Head - Maryann Stevens with her husband Fred who is the Tracks Department Head.

Dorm Parents

Dorm Parents provide a unique role to camp, they come alongside the counselors and give encouragement, support & prayer.  They are like grandparents in the sense that they get to know and love their campers but at the end of the day the campers go "home" with the counselor!  (Dorm Parents have separate housing from the dorms.) 


Encouragement - See what the Counselors are doing well and tell them!  Leave notes for the Counselors.  Use your unique gifts and talents to bless the Counselors.


Support - If a Counselor needs a break it is the Dorm Parent who steps in and leads the dorm to an activity or comes alongside the Counselor if there are issues to resolve.


Prayer - We ask the Dorm Parents to pray for the dorm before you even come to camp.  And praying for each camper and the counselors in your dorm during camp.


Spending Time - We like to see the Dorm Parents spending time with their campers even if the Counselor doesn't need support: go to some of their activities, cheer them on when they are needing encouragement, eat meals with them, go to the evening activities - get to know the campers and be another positive role model for them.


Occasionally Dorm Parents need a break from the Campers and will go to the Office to see if there are projects they can help with.  Dorm Parents also wash their dorm's t-shirts twice during the week.  There are laundry facilities right on campus and loads are done according to what works for your schedule.


We are looking for mature Christians to fulfill this role and we're excited to work as a team with the Dorm Parents to make sure things run smoothly.

2016 Dorm Parents

Mark and Anne Stapleton 

SEP So Cal Camp Directors

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SEP So Cal stands for Spirital Enrichment Program of Southern California.  SEP So Cal is an amazing one-week life-changing Christian youth camp held every July for youth ages 8-17 in Pine Valley, CA (one hour east of San Diego, CA).  

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