What is the SEP CREW Program?

CREW is a Graduate Camper program for for 18 - 21 year old's (in 2020 we are opening it up to 17 year old's) preparing to transition from camper to staff (exceptions to this age range need to be approved by the Camp Directors).

The CREW is about leadership development and helping young adults prepare for life by addressing service, self discovery, integrity, hard work, honesty, time management, goal setting, deepening their faith journey and helping them be a responsible young adult entering into the world.

CREW members are housed in a dorm with other CREW members and a program mentor. The program mentor will serve the role of a counselor and he/she will need to know where you are at all times.

CREW tuition is $400 (instead of $555 regular camper tuition)

PLUS, you will have seminars designed for your group to help prepare you for life as a young adult...

...you will check in your car keys and cell phone like campers do, but you get to carry a radio!


...you will get to participate in the Counselor in Training Workshop or assist with another workshop if needed

We hope for it to not only have elements of developing the young adults for Camp Staff/Counselors but also for LIFE -- goal setting, priorities, time management, dreaming, furthering education, deepening their faith journey, being a responsible young adult entering into the adult world, etc.

The cost is $400 to cover each participant's housing, food, special CREW T-shirts, water bottles, and helps offset some of the cost for the mentor, a dorm, their own T-shirts. 

How do I join the program?

To apply for the program, click here.

Mark and Anne Stapleton 

SEP So Cal Camp Directors

phone: 619-578-4245

fax: 619-564-3445


SEP So Cal Registration, 


Camp Location:  

Pine Valley

Bible Conference Center,    

8668 Pine Creek Rd.,    

Pine Valley, CA 91962

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SEP So Cal stands for Spirital Enrichment Program of Southern California.  SEP So Cal is an amazing one-week life-changing Christian youth camp held every July for youth ages 8-17 in Pine Valley, CA (one hour east of San Diego, CA).  

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